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The Journal for Northeast Issues.
A Living Magazine by >projektgruppe<

INSERT 6, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Klosterwall 23, 20095 Hamburg

Thursday, 08 November 2007

From 8.00 pm

Journal preview, and opening party with London-based record label: Difficult Fun

Friday, 09 November 2007

11.45 am: Alexandra Köhring, Monika Wucher / projektgruppe (Hamburg), "Introduction to Living Magazines"

12.00 am: Olesya Turkina (St. Petersburg), "Zhivye gazety – The tradition of Living Newspapers through the 20th century" ; Olesya Turkina / Joulia Strauss
(St. Petersburg / Berlin): “Kabinet, a journal of art and science / Video Kabinet, discourse weather reports in our near future”

01.00 pm: Miklós Erhardt (Budapest), “Béla Balázs Studio productions of the 1970s and their present-day translation”

02.00 pm: Inventory (UK), "Inventory and the essay: the innermost formal law is heresy"

03.00 pm: Break

03.30 pm: Olga Egorova / Chto delat? (St. Petersburg), "Three mothers and a chorus. A video project by Tsaplya and Gluklya, based on interviews and society’s comments"

04.30 pm: David Panos / Ben Seymour (London), "Urban issues of The London Particular and Mute Magazine" (working title)

05.30 pm: Discussion

Saturday, 10 November 2007

12.00 am: Gabó Bartha / KAP-HT (Budapest), "Hunyadi square, Budapest"

01.00 pm: Thomas Campbell / Dmitry Vorobyev (St. Petersburg), "Antiviruses and Underground Monuments: Forms of Resistance to Catastrophic Urban Planning in Contemporary Petersburg"

02.00 pm: Amy Plant (London), "The Square Circle. A proposal for the square at Farnborough Business Park"

03.00 pm: Break

03.30 pm: Balázs Beöthy (Budapest), "Vertical shift. Evolving equal opportunities of bicycle transportation on both sides of the Danube."

04.30 pm: Mark Saunders / Spectacle (London), "London Development Projects: Master / Slave Planning"

05.30 pm: Discussion

Sunday, 11 November 2007

12.00 am: Société Réaliste (Paris), "Ministère de l'Architecture: Temporary Free Zones"

01.00 pm: Emma Hedditch (London), “Transferred onto paper, some women only spaces in London”

2.00 pm: Attila Menesi / Christoph Rauch (Budapest / Hamburg), "Turbo Pub / Turbó Kert. Hyping the hype of artistic intervention in urban space"

03.00 pm: Break

04.00 pm: Final discussion, focusing the trends of public art involved in urban development projects: In this relation, are there any possibilities for art to develop and realize own ideas about its properties? Assessments including the situation in Hamburg by Kathrin Wildner, Ulf Treger, New Homes Lost, Oliver Gemballa and Annette Wehrmann.

Until 30 December 2007

Living Magazine on display

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