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Annette Wehrmann, Hamburg: Orte des Gegen – Counter-sites. A city walk through the Oberhafen and Münzviertel areas of Hamburg

The project is an ongoing investigation into urban space. Chosen sites are conceptually identified, photographed and filed as counter-sites. They are examples of a worldwide phenomenon in constant motion and signify discontinuity in the urban fabric. Related to Foucault’s term “heterotopy”, the counter-site indicates a spatially and temporally limited gap, a standstill in the functions of the sourrounding urban space, which can come into existence at any undefined – or rather provisionally defined – site in the city. This functional standstill possesses the potential of a radical release, especially the release of time passing without purpose – yet the exact opposite might come true as well. This may be the site of a wide-ranging defiance of utilization. At Urban Contact Zone, a couple of sites will be introduced on a city walk through the sourrounding streets. They might be - or might not be – counter-sites.

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