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As a contribution to the Living Magazine project, Société Réaliste has chosen to propose an extract from its ongoing project Ministère de l'Architecture. This production unit takes the form of an administration devoted to work on various aspects of the politics of the space. In Hamburg, Société Réaliste will display the second chapter of a Ministère de l'Architecture's research project about territorial membranes. This partition specifically concerns the possibility of reshaping European autonomous territories in a more ergonomic way than now. The project, entitled MA: Temporary Free Zones, takes the form of a preliminary report on "sustainable zoning".
Previous Ministère de l'Architecture projects include
MA: Sansar Khan (Transitory Operations, UMA, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, 2006)
MA: Deuxième contact (Bureau d’hypothèses Michel Journiac, 2006)
MA: Volksballast der Republik (The Other City, TRAFO Gallery, Budapest, 2006)
MA: Soliton (Documenta XII Magazine, Documenta Halle, Kassel, 2007)
MA: Volksballast der Republik - The Seminar (The Other City, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, 2007)
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