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Thomas Campbell is a resident of Saint Petersburg and a graduate student at Yale University. His interests include contemporary Russian art, Russian cinema, Petersburg counterculture, and Russian leftist movements. He has been involved, as a translator, writer, and curator in dozens of collaborations with Petersburg artists. He has published articles on Joseph Brodsky, Alexander Herzen and Tom Stoppard, underground filmmakers Yevgeny Yufit and Yevgeny Kondratiev, neoacademism and necrorealism, Jacques Rancière, and the Russian blockbuster "Day Watch." He is also the co-author (with Igor Khadikov) of Kniga vecherinok (The Party Book, 1996/2007).

Dmitry Vorobyev, sociologist / Centre for Independent Social Research, Saint Petersburg. He has published several articles on environmental initiatives and conflicts between NGO and industrial agents concerning problems of natural resources management. His research is focused on a detailed analysis of the role of science, technology and authority in the realisation of large-scale projects to transform the natural and urban environments.

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