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A detour within the periphery, 2003-2004
Attila Menesi / Christoph Rauch (Budapest / Hamburg) and Mihály Vargha
(Sf. Gheorghe - Sepsiszentgyörgy)

Traffic in the art world: like many of the up-to-date global biennials, the Periferic show of the North Romanian city of Iasi places presentations in other cultural centers. This year, however, the transport of international artworks to the capital Bucharest is lead on a two hours detour over the Carpathian Mountains --
to Sepsiszentgyörgy, a small Transylvanian town. Here, the driver makes a break and has a gorgeous lunch in pleasant company, whereas in the meantime information about the international biennialistic art scene is provided for the inhabitants.

Detouring the Periferic to the periphery, the project tries to bridge the circumstances and manifestations that usually “make up the difference”.
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