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Offene Kartierung, Hamburg: Learning from your district I. A roundtrip in Altona, Hamburg

The title of our project is loosely inspired by the well-known case study "Learning from Las Vegas" by Denise Scott Brown et al. While in Las Vegas they studied the Strip, a prosper, shiny and vivid street of commerce and entertainement, our focus will be the "Grosse Bergstrasse", a pedestrian zone in the middle of Altona (a district of Hamburg), which was constructed 40 years ago and which is now labeled as ugly and almost dead. This so called "black spot" is scheduled for reinvention and redesigning. In the meantime the empty parts of this zone are filled with temporary art and cultural production, readable as first steps of restructuring and gentrification.
With our project we want to focus on this developement of this zone, to research and try to visualize its spatial, social and political dimensions by the means of mapping. We see this area as an example and a scence of processes, that not only happen at this very place.

We will invite for a public round trip to this "black spot" zone. By the use of GPS devices and other mapping tools, we want to explore and to research the current state of this zone and its surroundings, share our impressions and drafts of visualisation.

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