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Urban Contact Zone  sharing areas - using places

A Northeast Issues Meeting by >projektgruppe< Hamburg

Day 1: Thursday, 25 May 2006
FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg/Abbildungszentrum
Arnoldstr. 26-30, 22765 Hamburg

From 7.00 pm: Welcome

8.00 pm: Levente Polyák (Budapest), "Entering the city through films:
urban discourse and contemporary cinema in Budapest"
9.00 pm: János Vetô (Copenhagen / Malmoe), "Memory talk: Self-Fashion-Show, Budapest 1976"

Day 2: Friday, 26 May 2006
Haus der Photographie / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstr. 1-2,
20095 Hamburg

From 10.00 am: get together

11.00 am: projektgruppe (Hamburg), "Introduction to the Urban Contact Zone"
11.20 am: Till Krause (Hamburg), "The Hamburg area as an expanse for permanent observation and experiment" (working title)
11.50 am: Katarina Sevic (Budapest), "Contact Zones versus Turbo City.
The case of Budapest and Novi Sad"
(working title)
12.20 pm: Anastasia Karpenko (Kaliningrad), "Art Guide. Königsberg / Kaliningrad today"
12.50 pm: Alexander Podoprigorov (Kaliningrad) "Three pieces about the city.
A video presentation"

01.15 pm: break

02.00 pm: Michel Chevalier (Hamburg), "Quietist art, spectacle, and reactionary visions of the city"
02.30 pm: Doro Carl (Hamburg), "KIP - Künstler informieren Politiker /
Artists inform politicians. A video"
02.45 pm: Cornelia Sollfrank (Hamburg), "Forward to the past – the concept of
the cultural ‘light house’ in Hamburg’s HafenCity"

03.15 pm: APA - Abteilung für Produktentwicklung und Analytik (Hamburg),
"High potential – low outcome"

03.45 pm: break
04.15 pm: discussion

07.00 pm: Offene Kartierung (Hamburg), "Learning from your district I.
A roundtrip in Altona, Hamburg"
. Meeting point to be announced

Day 3: Saturday, 27 May 2006
Haus der Photographie / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstr. 1-2, 20095 Hamburg

11.00 am: Magdalena Marsovszky (Munich), "Urbanität. Zerrbilder der liberalen Großstadt Budapest" (Urbanity. Caricatures of the liberal metropolis Budapest)
11.30 am: Beata Hock (Budapest), "Visionaries, activists and realities:
buildings disappearing and appearing in Budapest"

12.00 am: Levente Polyák (Budapest), "Heritage and progress: narratives of past and future in Budapest’s urban regeneration"
12.30 pm: Jokinen, Hamburg: "Recalling city history - in whose name? Colonial monuments, Participative Plastic and politics"
01.00 pm: Lilla Khoór / Will Potter (Budapest), "Királyhágó square in Budapest’s 12th district"

01.30 pm: break

02.30 pm: Yevgeny Palamarchuk (Kaliningrad), "Ways to start from the scratch"
03.00 pm: Ole Frahm / Torsten Michaelsen (Hamburg) with Miklós Erhardt (Budapest) and Negator (Hamburg), "Fight against recuperation:
the timeliness of Situationist critique"

03.45 pm: break

04.15 pm: Petra Lange-Berndt / Uwe Täubler (Hamburg), "A walk to H.
Contact with lawless grounds"

04.45 pm: discussion

05.45 pm: Annette Wehrmann (Hamburg) "Orte des Gegen – Counter-sites.
A city walk through the Oberhafen and Münzviertel areas of Hamburg"

09.00 pm: evening program, Buttclub, Hafenstr. 126

Day 4: Sunday, 28 May 2006
Haus der Photographie / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstr. 1-2, 20095 Hamburg

11.00 am: Mónika Bálint (Budapest) "Cooperation with artists.
Theories and methods of sociology in art projects" (working title)
11.30 am: Anikó Szövényi (Budapest), "PraktiCity. A web project"
12.00 am: Sophie Dodelin (Chambery), "Using unused public spaces:
artistic installations and actions in Budapest"

12.30 pm: RandomRoutines (Budapest) "Inspired by the public situation"
01.00 pm: Attila Menesi / Christoph Rauch (Budapest / Hamburg), "Open House. Developing public spaces" (working title)

01.30 pm: break

02.30 pm: Nikolai Oleinikov (Moscow), "Slipping revolution (time after).
The Sormovo neighborhood in Nizhni Novgorod"

03.00 pm: Sofia Tchouikina (St. Petersburg), "Contradictory social meaning of post-soviet city space: the experience of artistic sociological intervention in a workers’ district of St. Petersburg"
03.30 pm: Samu Szemerey (Budapest) "Infrastructures in transition:
the urban potential of invisible networks"

04.00 pm: break
04.30 pm: final discussion

Places of the conference:
day 1:
day 2 - 4:


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